Service deliveries

At a time when you are faced with problems of a personal nature, often feel stymied and do not see a chance to overcome the difficulties. We form Step Up Charity are here to help you in these moments through our support and professional counseling. Whether it is a serious invasion of privacy or you just need to let someone worries, Step Up Charity consultants are here to support you and help you. Our experts have extensive experience working with both adults and children, have cooperated to resolve cases of everyday life, but also those that determine your future.

We have selected a team of professionals ready to meet your every need, according to the specifics of your problem and mostly - the age of the applicant for assistance. For example, when considering cases involving children, the best approach is through play therapy. Sessions are allocated 45 minutes each week, information counselor discusses with children, is strictly confidential. The exception to this rule are situations where possible information obtained harm to the child or to third parties.

When it comes to working with children, we prefer it to be without the presence of parents - children often disclose their concerns and innermost anguish not to your closest, but before total strangers. This does not mean that the experts of Step Up Charity will inform you about the status and progress of your child, simply have adopted an approach to working with children separated from their families. Sometimes with some closed and chatty children to conduct individual therapy at home - in this case our consultants will visit your home to allow the child to feel at ease in familiar surroundings.

All services for children are free. Because Step Up Charity also raise funds for several community activities , we welcome donations from your side, to maintain and enrich our base.