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Our consultants do not provide direct solutions to your case – they help you to look at it from a different perspective, to search for causes and consequences, which until now have been hidden for you, for you alone can reach the most appropriate solution for you. Step Up Charity experts are here not to condemn your action or decide what is good and what - bad, but to provide you with a friendly and relaxed environment in which you yourself take stock of their problems, feeling the support of our consultants.

The halls of Step Up Charity are specially furnished to create comfort and a sense of calm, maintain cleanliness and order them close to home environment. They are equipped with all the necessary teaching and methodological tools and materials that enable our experts to find the most effective approach for individual therapy - art therapy, game situations by granting appropriate background music, etc. For example, we have specifically provided space where everyone can express negative emotions accumulated through exercise and even the simplest approach - to earn his anger on the punching bag.

Our therapeutic practices, and special rooms are basically two types - for children and those for adults. For most children it is easier to relax by playing games in a group with other children, so we have provided a rich range of possibilities - role play, outdoor and indoor, art therapy and others. For adults we have provided also group sessions, but therapies with individual approach. Individual sessions have children, as some prefer to share with our experts their concerns and so they feel more secure.

When it comes to problem weighing on the whole family, we perfectly understand the burden and the responsibilities lie on the shoulders of parents. That is why we strive to support all to show our sympathy and to assist with all your maximum capacity to stabilize your family and help you move forward.

Step Up Charity is where you will find understanding and support, where our professionals will provide the most appropriate advice on your case and help you find the best solution for you.