Step Up (Support To Empower Parents Under Pressure)

We are an organisation supporting all non-abusing parents and carers whose children have been sexually abused. We provide various types of support services and information for parents, carers and professionals dealing with child sexual abuse. Support offered counselling, befriending, helpline, advising, and others therapy supports.

Our mission is to ensure the psychological well-being of children by providing professional comprehensive assistance for children and families.
Our support is expressed as:

  • Providing multidisciplinary assistance to abused children and their family members ;
  • Implementing child abuse prevention and intervention programs ;
  • Providing psychological counselling and psychotherapy to children, adults and families ;
  • Implementing effective parenting programs ;
  • Advocating the interests of children in drafting legislation guaranteeing child rights ;
  • Encourages community involvement in defending and meeting the needs of children.


  • Psychological, social, psychiatric and legal help for abused children and their families ;
  • Trainings, supervisions, consultations for professionals working with victims of child abuse ;
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration working with victims of child abuse ;
  • Publishing informational materials for professionals and community on child abuse issues.

Support To Empower Parents Under Pressure is created to help anyone affected by crime, not only victims and witnesses, but their friends, family and any other people involved. We offer emotional and practical support, whereby we help victims and witnesses of crime to cope with the stress.

We are trained to listen, give information and offer feedback. We help people make sense of what they’ve been through, tell them about the choices they can make and help them feel like they are getting their lives under control again. Usually victims need some help dealing with the emotional turmoil caused by being a victim. If we think a victim does need full counselling, for example with problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder, we can help to arrange it.

In the practical support we advise victims how to cope with crime, how to report a crime, and how to prevent a crime.

What is the Step Up?
The Step Up aims to reduce the harmful effects of sexual abuse on children. The organisation assists children to manage trauma, and educates them about social skills and strategies that enable them to be safe and establish non-abusive relationships. It teaches parents to recognise the symptoms and effects of sexual abuse against children, and how to provide support for their child’s healing.

Who is the Step Up service for?

Step Up can assist children who: have been sexually abused, are exhibiting sexualised behaviour, or have enacted sexual abuse against others.

Where is the Step Up located?

534 Rainham Road South
RM10 7XD